Our team


Aude Motulsky​

Codirector, LabTNS

Aude is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Management, Evaluation and Policy at the University of Montreal School of Public Health, as well as a researcher at the Department of Innovation and Health Evaluation at the CHUM Research Centre. Her research activities focus mainly on the evaluation of interoperable digital clinical records and their impacts on health system management.

Jean Noël Nikiema

Codirector, LabTNS

Jean-Noël is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Management, Evaluation and Policy at the University of Montreal School of Public Health. He is a specialist in biomedical terminologies and ontologies. His research focuses on quality assurance and interoperability of knowledge organisation systems and their application in natural language processing, knowledge discovery, and information integration. Jean-Noël has a MD from the Nazi Boni University (Burkina Faso) and a Ph.D. in health informatics from the Université de Bordeaux (France).

Marie-Pierre Moreault

Research Professional

Marie-Pierre is a research professional at CHUM Research Centre and University of Montreal School of Public Health Research Centre. A nurse by training, Marie-Pierre also has a master’s degree in epidemiology. She currently works with Aude Motulsky and Jean-Louis Denis’s teams. She has participated in several research projects on the implementation and evaluation of health information technologies, learning health systems, and organizational performance.

Linda Moyo

Postdoctoral fellow

Linda is a postdoctoral research fellow at CRCHUM. Her research focuses on learning health systems, digital transformations in health and data driven healthcare in Canada. For over twenty years, she has worked as a director, executive, consultant or researcher in marketing, communication, training and organizational change management in private and public sector organizations.  In the public sector, she worked with diverse stakeholders in e-Government programs including Health Information Systems, Unified Communication and Collaboration, and e-cadastral projects. She holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree (South Africa), a Doctor of Applied Leadership and Coaching degree (Switzerland) and a Master of Business Leadership degree (South Africa). She is also a certified Master Coach, a PROSCI certified change practitioner, and a Prince2 certified project manager. 



Janine Badr

PhD Candidate

With a nursing background and ten years of experience in post-secondary teaching, Janine Badr is currently pursuing a doctorate in public health in order to develop and strengthen her research skills in both public health and in the analysis of health systems and policies.Her research focuses on e-health in Quebec. She aims to explore the perceptions of various actors in the healthcare system on the use of information technologies and connected technologies in their practices and to explore the impact this may have on personalized care and patient relations. Janine is also interested in the political and legal frameworks surrounding the implementation of these technologies and the training issues that they create. Finally, her research interests also focus on the role of patient advisors and their place in healthcare governance.

Yan Bertrand

PhD Candidate

Yan has a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in medical physics from UdeM. He then started a master’s degree in health services administration and made an accelerated transition to a PhD in public health, under the supervision of professors Jean-Louis Denis and Aude Motulsky. His thesis focuses on the digital transformation of academic health centers. In addition to his studies, Yan has been involved in several volunteer activities. In particular, he is a member of the Comité intersectoriel étudiant (CIE) of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ), an administrator of the Forum de la relève étudiante pour la santé au Québec (FRESQue), he sits on the Comité sur l’éthique et l’intégrité scientifique of the FRQ – Santé, and he has been an assistant representative of the Department of Management, Evaluation and Health Policy at the UdeM School of Public Health since fall 2017.

Priscille Pana

PhD Candidate

Priscille is a doctoral student in public health at the University of Montreal School of Public Health (ESPUM). She has a master’s degree in epidemiology from Laval University and has since been working in public health as a population data analyst. She has worked mainly in public health policy evaluation on the themes of cancer, substance use and mental health. Her research interests include the integration of digital health for the improvement of health information systems in developing countries.

Louise Ringuette

PhD Candidate

Louise is a doctoral student in bioethics at the University of Montreal School of Public Health (ESPUM). Louise holds a specialized graduate degree in bioethics from the ESPUM and a master’s degree in microbiology from the University of Montreal. Louise worked as a bacteriologist in public health for 17 years. Subsequently, she worked with the Quebec Access to Information Commission (CAI), as an analyst and resource person for researchers in Quebec who wish to receive personal data for research purposes. As part of her doctoral studies, Louise became interested in data ethics in Quebec. Her research project aims to develop a logical model, both conceptual and organizational, promoting responsible and transparent access to personal health information by Quebec researchers while preserving the autonomy and protection of citizens’ privacy. This project is carried out under the supervision of Béatrice Godard, researcher in the Department of social and preventive medicine of the ESPUM, Aude Motulsky, researcher in the Department of management, evaluation and health policies of the ESPUM and Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon, post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Law School and guest researcher at ESPUM.

Mauricio Soto

PhD Candidate

Mauricio is a doctoral student in public health at the University of Montreal School of Public Health (ESPUM) and is interested in the evaluation of primary care health digital technologies, including their implementation and impact. A family physician by training, Mauricio is a member of the Department of Family Medicine at the Catholic University of Chile. He also holds a master’s degree in health services administration from the University of Montreal, research option. He has been involved in several projects regarding the improvement of clinical practices of primary care teams, particularly by using information technology or by promoting knowledge transfer to clinical practice.

ManQing Liang

Master's Student

Man Qing is a master’s student in health services administration at the University of Montreal School of Public Health (ESPUM) under the supervision of Professor Aude Motulsky. She holds a professional doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and works as a community pharmacist. She is interested in the evaluation of the impact of health information technologies, focusing specifically on the implementation of electronic prescription within the CHU Sainte-Justine. She also worked on the development of an artificial intelligence tool to extract standardized information from prescription data.

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